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Gorey Watersports Centre

 We re open for 2018 on April 7th.                                                             Email: [email protected] /Phone: 07700844773 

Welcome to Gorey Watersports Online

We had our official last day of the 2018 season on 30th September and we are now closed for the winter months.

We are putting plans together for the 2019 season and will update this site once plans have been finalised. We have been listening  to your suggestions through out our 3 years of operation since we took on the centre and have made small changes year to year.

- 2016 being our first year we ran the centre as it was with a new website and increased our paddle board fleet.

- 2017 we rebranded making the centre, company vehicles and website look pretty. We also replaced our 2nd ski boat to increase capacity, replaced our beach jeep for reliability and introduced our new sofa rides taking up to 8 adults or 12 children in one ride.

- 2018 we introduced our automatic booking system which was highly praised and we also made changes to activity times.

for 2019 we can confirm we will open from may and there will be a price change to allow Adult price, child price & a private trips price. (this was one of our top suggestions) we will also have 2 pricing set ups one for online bookings which will be set at our best price and one price for phone bookings and walk up customers on the beach.

That's not all we are working on but that's all we can share at this moment in time.

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