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Inflatable Rides

Fly across the water this summer on our large choice of inflatables,

We have 3 different Inflatable Rides to choose from,

Sofa Rides - Perfect for family's and large groups

3 to 12 people (Currently max of 8 people)

Banana Boat Rides - Challenge our drivers and try and stay on

3 to 5 people

Giant Donut Rides - For the thrill seekers down low to the water for a fast ride

3 to 4 people

£8 per person for all inflatable rides (1 or 2 persons can ride but a minimum payment of 3 persons will be required)

Times: Can be booked any day from 10am o 6pm.

Bookings: Bookings are available through our booking page

Ages: 6 & 7 year olds can ride but they must be accompanied on the ride with a adult, 8 to 12 year olds can ride with out a adult but must have one in the boat watching, 12 years old and up can ride with out a adult.


Speedboat Rides

Sit back and relax on one of our speedboat trips this summer,

We have 2 different East Coast speedboat trips to choose from:

30 Minute East Coast trip

This trip takes you to St Cathrines Breakwater and back through 4 small bays

£15 per person

30 Minute Dolphin Spotting trip

This trip takes you into deeper water to spot any wildlife in the area

£15 per person

Times: Can be booked any day from 10am to 6pm.

Ages: 6 to 12 year olds must be accompanied by at least one adult

Departures: All our trips depart from Longbeach in front of our Centre, you will have to walk to knee depth of water to enter our speedboats (both our boats are fitted with 1 step to enter.

What to bring: We recommend you wear shorts and a jumper or jacket to keep your self warm.


Waterski & Wakeboard School

Come and enjoy one of our Towed sports including:

Water skiing

Mono Skiing


Knee boarding

You can start to enjoy one of these sports after just one lesson with our easy to learn steps

Step one

you will start one of the above towed sports on our specially fitted training boom, which sticks out the side of the ski boat on the drivers side making them able to see every move you make and makes them able to give you face to face instructions.

Step two

After you have completed the boom and you are getting up and riding we will give you a short rope to attach to the end of the boom, all you have to do is continue exactly what you did on the boom however you will be riding exactly the same way as you would behind the boat.

Step three

It is time to get up on the long rope behind one of our boats following the boat directly behind.

Step four

after step three you are able to be towed and we will get you crossing the wake and depending what sport you are riding we will start giving you tips to improve or (upgrade skiing to mono skiing) with wakeboarding and knee boarding we will try and start you doing tricks starting of with surface tricks then learn how to jump the wake and incorporate your surface tricks.

We have 2 powerful ski boats fitted with all the equipment you need.

all our sessions are 30 minutes long and this is all the time you need due to using all your muscle strength and to keep you warm.

Lessons are £60pp and Tows where you can just ride at your own pace are £50pp.

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Times: Can be booked any day from 10am to 6pm.

Ages: We teach from he age of 8 year and up.

Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and all equipment provided



Take a ride or paddle around the beautiful #royal bay of Grouville.


We offer rental sessions for:


Kayaking - We have 7 single kayaks

Stand up paddle boarding - We have 2 paddle boards

Self-drive motor dinghy - We have 2 Dinghies with 5hp engines for you and three other people to enjoy


Kayaks and paddle boards are priced at:

£15 per board or kayaks for 1 hour


Times: Can be booked any day from 10am o 6pm.


Ages:  8 years and up.


Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and all equipment provided



Ski boat Rentals

We offer the chance to rent one of our ski boats with a ski boat operator for an hour and a half to enjoy as many of our activities as possible.

Please be aware we have to stay in our licensed area and we have to drive at all times.


Send us a email on: [email protected]


We will provide you with our best price for what you require.